Taste of Ayurveda Package

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Initial consult and 2 follow-ups: $399


The Taste of Ayurveda package includes initial visit and 2 customized follow-ups. Our Ayurveda Practitioner will assess your prakriti (Ayurvedic physiology), dosha balance (Vata pitta and Kapha), Ayurveda concept education and recommendations for Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle changes. Ayurveda believes every person is unique and hence a wellness plan should also be individualized. We work one on one with every client to create a program that is personalized for them. Each follow up consult includes assessing how well you have been able to adhere to the Ayurveda wellness plan and modifying the wellness plan per your needs.

Our Taste of Ayurveda package differs from other programs in the market because we personalize our program to fit your lifestyle and needs. Call us today at 972.999.0203 to get more details.

Expires 1 year from the date of purchase. No cash value