Spring wellness with Ayurveda ! Balancing our doshas !

Spring is around the corner ! Are we in tune with our ayurvedic prakriti (dosha body type)? According to Ayurvedic texts, in Spring the Kapha dosha gets out of balance, affecting our Agni (Digestive fire). Spring wellness is a great way to bring the doshas in balance, re-ignite the Agni and rejuvenate mind and body. Easy […]

Spinach Lentil Quinoa Khichari

Khichari is a great dish that adds the elements of spring wellness ! It is a wonderful combination of lentils, quinoa brown rice may also be used and your favorite vegetables .  It is an important part of Ayurveda wellness and a simple way of getting those doshas in balance. Spinach Lentil Quinoa Khichari  Recipe […]

Keep cool this summer with Ayurveda!

  Ayurveda is the holistic health science that believes in eating seasonally and following the seasonal routine also known Ritucharya. In this article let’s discover how to keep cool this summer, balance our doshas and tips for following the Summer Seasonal routine. Dosha Imbalance in summer: Charak has beautifully described the change in dosha balance and […]

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